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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On Blogging

Fr. Guy Sylvester's posted his "Bye!" post in Shouts in the Piazza. I have been following his blog for some time especially for his posts on heraldry and the liturgy.

His last post made me think of how I myself 'blog'. Why do I blog? is the question. Do I consider myself a "Catholic blogger"? If yes, do my posts reflect the Church's mission: evangelization in whatever way? Or do I belong to those "Catholic blogs" who keep seeing the faults of Church leaders or what is what is wrong with the Church in my opinion, etc.? Does my blog gives off "more heat than light"?

I am not as busy as Fr. Sylvester except from being a student, some service to the Church (which includes managing a blog for both our Parish and our parish Antioch Community / Youth Ministry) however, at some point, I thought of stopping this blog because I don't think anybody follows of reads this. I only add a few interesting news and images for myself as well as maintaining a list of my favorite blogs.

Blogging indeed is another medium for Catholics to express their opinions but being Catholics, should it also, first and foremost be a medium to spread the Gospel, of light rather than heat?

God bless us all!

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