Liturgy of the Hours

Friday, October 10, 2008

The glory continues

The papal throne used by the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI for the Mass for Pope Pius XII.

Orbis Catholicvs (from where I got these images) comments:

Change is in the air, friends, and this time change is good!
Anybody in the Rome network under forty just loves to hear these words: "Come era richiesto per l'occasione dal protocollo!"
And here we have it again, the papal throne. Those who yesterday watched the Papal Mass noticed a bit of a change and here it is.
Many of us last saw this old papal treasure in the Lateran Palace museum - with the arms of Pius X on it. But Benedict brought it back and now you can see the new stemma (coat-of-arms) of the current Pontiff, now gloriously reigning.
Thank you, Msgr. Guido, and friends and long may you reign, Holy Father!

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