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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

On Blogging

Fr. Guy Sylvester's posted his "Bye!" post in Shouts in the Piazza. I have been following his blog for some time especially for his posts on heraldry and the liturgy.

His last post made me think of how I myself 'blog'. Why do I blog? is the question. Do I consider myself a "Catholic blogger"? If yes, do my posts reflect the Church's mission: evangelization in whatever way? Or do I belong to those "Catholic blogs" who keep seeing the faults of Church leaders or what is what is wrong with the Church in my opinion, etc.? Does my blog gives off "more heat than light"?

I am not as busy as Fr. Sylvester except from being a student, some service to the Church (which includes managing a blog for both our Parish and our parish Antioch Community / Youth Ministry) however, at some point, I thought of stopping this blog because I don't think anybody follows of reads this. I only add a few interesting news and images for myself as well as maintaining a list of my favorite blogs.

Blogging indeed is another medium for Catholics to express their opinions but being Catholics, should it also, first and foremost be a medium to spread the Gospel, of light rather than heat?

God bless us all!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mass Could End With More Than "Go in Peace"

Holy See Approves 3 Alternative Closing Messages

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 14, 2008 ( The Holy See has approved three alternatives to "Ite, missa est," the final words said by the priest at Mass.Cardinal Francis Arinze, prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments, today notified the participants in the synod of bishops on the word of God about the new alternatives. The final message is currently rendered in English: "The Mass is ended, go in peace."

Benedict XVI has approved the alternatives, which were requested at the 2005 synod on the Eucharist to express the missionary spirit that should follow from the celebration of Mass.

According to Cardinal Arinze, the Pope had asked for suggestions to be presented. The congregation received 72, from which they prepared nine proposals. The Holy Father has chosen three.

The alternatives are in the revised third "editio typica" of the Roman Missal, which was printed last week, the cardinal said.

The alternatives are:

--"Ite ad Evangelium Domini nuntiandum"
--"Ite in pace, glorificando vita vestra Dominum"
--"Ite in pace" with "alleluia, alleluia" added during Easter season.

In English, these could be rendered along the lines of "go to announce the Gospel of the Lord"; "go in peace, glorifying the Lord with your lives"; and simply, "go in peace (alleluia, alleluia)."

The original Latin final message, "Ite, missa est," has not been modified.

Eucharistic compendium

Cardinal Arinze also announced that a Eucharistic compendium, also suggested by the '05 synod on the Eucharist, is nearly finished.

The book will define Eucharistic doctrine, benediction, Eucharistic holy hours, adoration, and prayers before and after Mass, he explained.

The cardinal further said that the Holy See, at the request of the Pope and the 2005 synod, is studying the most adequate moment during the Mass for the sign of peace.

The Holy Father indicated that episcopal conferences should consider two options: either before the "Agnus Dei" or after the Prayers of the Faithful. Each bishops' conference is to respond by the end of October, though there is a three-week grace period for late responses. The proposals will then be presented to the Holy Father, who will make a decision on the matter.

Finally, Cardinal Arinze announced that his congregation is preparing a volume with thematic materials for homily, with the aim of assisting and supporting priests throughout the world with their preaching.

A Blogging Benedict XVI?

Chinese Laywoman Makes Proposal at Synod

VATICAN CITY, OCT. 14, 2008 ( One of the auditors at the world Synod of Bishops has suggested that Benedict XVI opens a blog to explain the word of God in an attractive way.

The proposal was made today by Agnes Lam, president of the Catholic Biblical Association of Hong Kong.

Among her suggestions to promote the word of God so that the faithful can come to know Christ, she included the blog proposal, bringing smiles from many of the bishops.

She invited "the Holy Father to open a multi-language blog to shepherd today's world: [a] daily scriptural verse with [a] simple reflection, brief text and plentiful images."

Lam also suggested other means for spreading knowledge of the Bible.

Above all, she recommended simple methods of meditation in a complex world. As examples, she suggested reciting verses of the Bible and lectio divina.

"Reading the Bible is like eating," Lam said, "a homemade soup prepared with love and time is delicious, while fast food is tasteless."

Friday, October 10, 2008

The glory continues

The papal throne used by the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI for the Mass for Pope Pius XII.

Orbis Catholicvs (from where I got these images) comments:

Change is in the air, friends, and this time change is good!
Anybody in the Rome network under forty just loves to hear these words: "Come era richiesto per l'occasione dal protocollo!"
And here we have it again, the papal throne. Those who yesterday watched the Papal Mass noticed a bit of a change and here it is.
Many of us last saw this old papal treasure in the Lateran Palace museum - with the arms of Pius X on it. But Benedict brought it back and now you can see the new stemma (coat-of-arms) of the current Pontiff, now gloriously reigning.
Thank you, Msgr. Guido, and friends and long may you reign, Holy Father!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

La Naval de Manila

I had the privilege of visiting the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary (La Naval de Manila) or commonly called Santo Domingo Church yesterday during the liturgical memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary and the fifth day of the La Naval novena. (This year, the feast of the La Naval falls on October 12.) The sanctuary arrangement is astounding. The music during the 6:15 celebration of the Holy Mass (which I attended) is wonderful and awe-inspiring especially the "Despedida a la Virgen".

The following are some pictures from various online sources.

Regina Sacratissimi Rosarii, ora pro nobis!