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Monday, March 17, 2008

Paschal Triduum Preparations

If anyone is actually reading these posts, please do pray for me.

I volunteered and was permitted to serve as Master of Ceremonies for the entire Paschal Triduum in our Parish (Saint Mary Magdalene Parish, Amadeo, Cavite). (From Maundy Thursday's Mass of the Lord's Supper until the Afternoon Mass of the Solemnity of the Lord's Resurrection of Easter Sunday). Last year, I only served as MC for the Easter Vigil.

The Solemn Mass (that is, what I used to call Masses in the Ordinary Form celebrated with many servers and with the use of incense and candle-torches during the Eucharistic prayer) of the Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to ask someone to take pictures. It occurred last Sunday at 5:00AM.

Some major changes initiated by our Parish Administrator, who is quite a traditional priest (thanks be to God!) is to replace the wooden tabernacle for the Altar of Repose, probably conforming to Paschale Solemnitatis 55 asked to avoid the tomb-like tabernacle and calling such as 'tomb'. The old tabernacle looks like one with the Agnus Dei sitting atop the Bible on top. The new tabernacle is also wooden, but is a tabernacle with the door opening in front. I was asked to make the decoration of the door, and Father suggested the pelican Eucharistic symbol.

During the 'solemn' Masses, we use two triple-branched candelabra (since we use the tall candlesticks a processional candles) and a crucifix at the center of the altar. (Although in my opinion, the crucifix is quite small.)

I am still convincing our Parish Administrator to follow the rubrics of the Missal of turning the lights on after the third Lumen Christi. this means, abandoning the parish custom of turning on the lights during the Gloria of the Easter Vigil.

I will be providing some more deatiuls later (if I still have time) and hopefully, pictures.

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