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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The liturgical reform was a victory for frivolity

Leading Italian journalist speaks out against liturgical reform and for the Latin Mass.

Cathcon translation of
Die Liturgiereform war ein Sieg der Frivolität

The direction was false: "Have you ever seen a general or leader who marches backwards."

"I have no doubt that the Tridentine rite is the true liturgy," the journalist Michele Mirabella (64) has said to the Italian website 'Papanews'.

Mirabella is a well-known television presenter on Italian state television. He loves the Latin language: "A frivolous modernism has meant that in recent times even the Church has neglected the Latin language " - he says.

The outriders of the Second Vatican Council claimed to be able to rationalise what by nature cannot be rationalised:

"Therefore, frivolity and a tendency to the banal too often triumphed, while in the old Rite everything was more sober, purer and more elegant."

For Mirabella, the liturgy is order, elegance and harmony: "These are properties that the old Rite perfectly and completely preserved."

The journalist has known both forms of the Mass - the old Latin Mass as well as Mass in the vernacular: "I do not deny that I prefer the first."

He is personally convinced that the priest should look towards the tabernacle, to the east,: "Because it is Christ, not His servant, who leads the people of God."

"Have you ever seen a general or leader who marches backwards." - Mirabella asked the interviewing journalists.

During a celebration of Mass, the priest should turn his back to the people and towards the Tabernacle. His face should rather be giving attention to the radiance and glory of Jesus Christ:

"I am speaking not piously, but as a thinking layman."

Mirabella does not understand how it is possible not to love Gregorian Chant.

Victory of the banal
Further, he strikes out for the Latin language: "Those who claimed that one understands little because of the use of Latin during Mass are deceivers "

If this really would be a problem, one could teach more Latin in schools:

"The pious old woman of yesteryear understood perhaps no Latin. But she participated with Faith, honesty and respect in the great mystery of the Mass. "

Because the old Rite is for him sublime, uplifting and beautiful: "Those who condemn the Mass have not understood."

The journalist defended the old Rite, in contrast to the "transitory and empty" ideas that have spread among the Faithful after the Second Vatican Council:

"It is the translation of the Missals into the new language, which is frankly, colourless, ugly and inelegant, which makes me quite sick."

The use of guitars and other instruments in anti-liturgical worship Mirabella holds to be a "blasphemy":

"I have nothing against the guitar itself, but I think the improvised concerts during the Eucharist to be an insult to the aesthetic taste. They limit the spirituality. "

TheMotu proprio to free the Latin Mass, Mirabella calls an "act of justice and freedom". He calls for progressives and modernists, to be tolerant and to respect others.

The Pope believes the journalist to be an "extraordinary intellectual - a person with a huge education."

Mirabella expressly stressed that he did not want to make comparisons.

But he said that the late Pope John Paul II is rightly praised for the many documents of this great Pope which had been drafted with the valuable assistance of the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Modernism- beached, upside down and about to be deflated.

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