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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pope Benedict XVI's Ash Wednesday 2008

From the New Liturgical Movement:

More photos of Pope Benedict XVI's new lenten vestments

posted by Nicola De Grandi

Here are, exclusive for NLM's readers, a couple of closer photos of vestments used during His Holiness's Ash Wednesday Mass.

Vestments are insipired by similar ones once belonging to Pope Paul V.

(Of course, violet for Papal vestments is an innovation unknown at Paul V's times)

A couple of more images from today's papal Mass

posted by Shawn Tribe

Following up Gregor's images, I thought I would share a couple of more images from today's papal Mass with a little historical comparison.

The style of the chasuble seems to fit the guidelines issued by St. Charles Borromeo, with the sleeves not being as long as the full flowing form, but not as short as the more typical baroque form of the Roman chasuble. What the Pope was wearing today is very much akin to what we have seen St. Ignatius or Loyola or St. Philip Neri pictured in.

Other features of the Mass:

"Benedictine" altar arrangement.
7th candle.
Cardinal Deacons.

The Return of the Roman Chasuble to Papal Liturgies

posted by Gregor Kollmorgen

Here are a few first screen shots from the Ash Wednesday Procession from the Basilica of St. Anselm to the Basilica of St. Sabina, both on the Aventine Hill, and the beginnig of Holy Mass.

Mons. Marini does it again. Deo gratias!

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