Liturgy of the Hours

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Season (not just a Day) to Celebrate

Especially in the Philippines, Christmas is so highly anticipated to the extent that people start singing Christmas melodies and decorating their homes as early as September (the first of the '-ber' months). Sadly, the wonderful season of preparation (Advent) is oftentimes ignored. More than that, after December 25, which is Christmas Day, people start exclaiming "Napakabilis ng Pasko" (Christmas came too fast) or "Napakatagal pinaghandaan, iisang araw lang naman" (We prepared so long for Christmas, but it is just celebrated for one day)

Read the article "On the 18th day of Christmas?" by Patricia Coll Freeman at Catholic Anchor wherein she discusses that Christmas is an entire season, not just a day to celebrate.

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