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Monday, May 5, 2008

Mass for the Catholic Action

Vatican City (AsiaNews) - "Saint Peter's Square presents itself today almost as an open-air 'cenacle', crowded with faithful, many of them members of Italian Catholic Action": this is how Benedict XVI greeted the 100,000 members of the most widespread ecclesial association in Italy, in his reflection before the Regina Caeli today. The young and adults of Catholic Action (AC) were gathered in the square to celebrate the 140th anniversary of their foundation with a Mass presided over by Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, president of the Italian bishops' conference. (04 May 2008)

Here are two photos from Fotografia Felici during the Mass. The crucifix is, still, similar to the papal masses, at the center of the altar, in the middle of four candlesticks. The vestments and the antepedium are beautiful. worthy of notice is the position of the Bishop Celebrant - at the Gospel (left) side (that is, from the congregation's view).

The second picture confirmed that I (as head server) was wrong in 'forbidding' the use processional candles for the Gospel proclamation. I thought of it because the rubrics for the Easter vigil (Mass in the Ordinary Form) says that the candles are not brought in the proclamation of the Gospel. I guess, I was wrong in presuming that this extends throughout the Easter season or while the Paschal candle is in the sanctuary or near the ambo.

By the way, a couple of Sundays ago (I think, it was the 5th Sunday of Easter for the OF), our priest decided to bless the baptismal font donated by a Marian organization. Because of this, he asked me to have one of the servers carry the lighted Paschal candle during the Entrance Procession of the Mass and afterwards, place it in its stand placed near the new font. So, sadly, as early as that Sunday, our Paschal candle is out in the sanctuary and by the next week, even the image of the Resurrected Christ was removed.

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